Friday, April 1, 2011

What they dont know inside of

They dont know what im feel
face shown the happiness never see the real of
only inside of my heart feel it
its hurt...
when someone you loved and hope
never give the same respons at you
they said when we are giving, never hopes to get it back
but when a lots of things we give
and they do not appreciate what we have done
that is call 'unfair'
you showed your 'selfishness'
dont u have any sympathy or any feeling?
maybe your heart is to hard
without love inside and they dont know how to showing the love to others
its poor my dear
arrogant peoples always acts like this
they dont know how to appriciate and logrolling the kindness they get
but i learnd from the past
and i accept all the fate that have been written for me
Dreams are not always Wonderful my dear

that what we call is " Life"

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